From today, and until December 22nd, the selection process for the recruitment of research personnel within the framework of the Complementary Plan for Biotechnology Applied to Health in Catalonia will be open.

IBEC has opened today the selection process aimed at hiring 20 researchers for 18 months to participate in the implementation of the sixteen Collaborative Projects recently selected within the framework of the Complementary Plan for Biotechnology in Catalonia. Position descriptions are available at the website IBEC Jobs. Applications must be made online through the IBEC Careers application.


PPCC-ADNano_1 Postdoctoral Researcher on the Synthesis of Alzheimer’s disease-modifying nanomedicines

PPCC-ADNano_2 Postdoctoral Researcher on the Neurobiological assessment of Alzheimer’s disease-modifying nanomedicines

PPCC-IA4DT2 Postdoctoral Researcher on the Development and implementation of integrated artificial intelligence models to predict the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

PPCC-InMaM Research Assistant on Immunotherapeutic Strategies in Breast Cancer

PPCC-ABPATHFINDER Postdoctoral Researcher on Screening of new precision antibiotics for the treatment of multiresistant infections

PPCC-FANCONI-CURE Postdoctoral Researcher on Drug Screening for Precision Medicine in the Fanconi anemia pathway

PPCC-BIOMOD Postdoctoral Researcher on Biomechanical Models

PPCC-STOP-DMG Postdoctoral Researcher on the Identification and validation of therapeutic targets for Diffuse Midline glioma

PPCC-MnkImmunOnco Postdoctoral Researcher on Therapy resistance and immune evasion on a novel MNK inhibitor

PPCC-B-Org_1 Postdoctoral Researcher on Bioengineering for patient-derived organoids for personalized medicine in NAFLD

PPCC-B-Org_2 Postdoctoral Researcher on Bioengineering / Biophysics for patient-derived organoids for personalized medicine in NAFLD

PPCC-MITOCANCER Postdoctoral Researcher on Targeting a mitotic polyglutamylation enzyme in cancer

PPCC-WORMVUS Postdoctoral Researcher on Rapid in vivo characterization of the functional impact and vulnerabilities for PTEN tumor suppressor gene variants

PPCC-DRUG4-COXPD1_1 Research Assistant on the Generation of therapies and biomarkers for the treatment of mitochondrial dysfunctiondriven neurodegenerative diseases

PPCC-DRUG4-COXPD1_2 Postdoctoral Researcher on the Generation of therapies and biomarkers for the treatment of mitochondrial dysfunction driven neurodegenerative diseases

PPCC-3DSurgHELP Postdoctoral Researcher on Medical 3D printing and planning bioengineering

PPCC-OsteoMetTherapy Research Assistant on New therapeutic options in metastatic osteosarcoma

PPCC-EVBRAINTARGET Postdoctoral Researcher for validation of BP-EVs as a next-generation compound delivery platform

PPCC-LENTI-UP_1 Research Assistant on Bioprocesses for the development of viral vector production in bioreactors

PPCC-LENTI-UP_2 Research Assistant in Gene and cell therapies developments


IBEC will allocate a total of 1,323,000 € in 20 research contracts. This amount is co-funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Autonomous Community of Catalonia in the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan – Next Generation EU (C17.I1).


Depending on the project, a PhD degree, Master’s degree or official university degree from a European Higher Education Area country, with a minimum of 240 ECTS, will be required.


Applications will be submitted via the IBEC website from 22 November. Documents to be submitted: CV, motivation letter, and certificate/official notification of award of academic qualifications. 


Evaluation criteria: CV (60%) and personal interview (40%), with scores of 0-10 points. 


  •    Selection process: 22 November to 22 December 2022.
  •    Interview process: from 6 to 24 February 2023.
  •    Start of contracts: between 1 April and 16 June 2023.

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