Within the framework of the Complementary Plan, various RDI technological support platforms will be created in the seven autonomous regions involved. All Spanish research centers will have access to these platforms.


Drug Screening and Pharmacogenomics Platform 

I. Biofisika

Cryo-electron microscopy platform


Massive single-cell analysis platform


Platform for drug screening and analysis of drug-target interactions


Platform for in vivo experimentation for biomodels and animal models


Transversal platform for advanced therapy to help GMP production




Nanodrugs Study Group


Drug Screening and Pharmacogenomics Platform, high-capacity and European reference in early drug discovery. Authorized as one of the seven high-capacity nodes of the European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) EU-OPENSCREEN(Existing platform not financed by the Complementary Plan) 

INNOPHARMA offers a set of services that cover all stages of the early drug discovery process from target identification to preliminary safety and toxicity assessment. The platform has more than 20 years of experience during which 15 new chemical entities (NCE) have reached clinical trials thanks to public-private partnerships. 


Platform specializing in cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) applied to personalized medicine. It has access to a Titan Krios G4, a brand new cryo-electron microscopy jointly financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Education Department of the Basque Government. Applications: 

  • Deciphering the structural bases of neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's and Parkinson's), several types of cancer and metabolic disorders (hypercholesterolemia and diabetes) 
  • Developing new drugs and therapies against these diseases. 

Open access since: May 2022 



Massive single-cell analysis platform through the strengthening of the cytometry, genomics and computing units of the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG). 

Predicted open access from April 2024 

Platform specializing in drug screening and analysis of drug-target interactions. It has a high processing capacity and integrates the data analysis tools of the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona). 

Open access from the end of November 2023 

In vivo experimentation for biomodels and animal models platform (Vall d’Hebron Research Institute – VHIR node) and for the application of new drugs and nanodrugs and enhancement of bioprinting technology (IBEC node). 


Predicted open access from April 2024 

Platform specializing in transversal advanced therapy to help GMP production for clinical trials of virus particles for ex vivo use located at the August Pi Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBAPS). 

Predicted open access from July 2024 



Nanodrugs Study Group (part of NEURODEATH) which includes the following teams: IVIS Spectrum, Quantum GX, and inductively coupled mass spectrometer (ICPM) 

Predicted open access from November 2022 



CCMIJU-TREAT platform for preclinical and medical technology studies that will include a 3T MRI scanner, confocal microscope, flow cytometer, electrophoresis device, materials characterization equipment, biomechanics laboratory equipment, 3D printing and bioprinting equipment and immersive technologies. 

 Predicted open access from June 2023